Terms and Conditions


All are welcome at KALIB. However, we reserve the right to accept or reject a membership at our sole discretion.


Of course the deposits will be refunded, however rentals cannot be refunded irrespective of the time of termination of membership.


We like to keep all our members updated with all the brand new products, so kindly return new products at earliest.


All regular products can be enjoyed for fifteen days, within which, they have to be renewed or KALIB will do it for you automatically.


Memberships are renewed on or before the due date by paying the rental amount. Rental is mandatory irrespective of the number of times you avail the service from KALIB. Memberships which are on hold shall not be charged rental.


We like to keep our products in a tip-top shape, please report any damage that you see during the time of issue. A suitable fine will be imposed on the member if loss or damage occurs when issued. Use a book mark, do not dog-ear the pages.


We can keep your membership on hold provided you keep the librarian informed before the renewal date. A rental will be applicable if products are not returned or if any dues are pending.


Membership can be cancelled when all products are returned and all dues are paid. It can also be cancelled five days (holiday including) after the date of renewal.


We strongly recommend you to check all products at the time of delivery and return.