How it works:

  • Kalib has made reading pleasure more convenient, just on a click! It has a very simple process.
    • Sign up
    • Fill all details and get register
    • Browse collection and request books
    • Read books and place request for colletion

How can I have KALIB Membership?

  • To be a member, all you have to do is just fill your details in sign up form. We will activate your profile. Once you receive activation mail, you can start exploring our vast collection and request for books.

How can I make initial payment for membership?

  • We work on Cash On Delivery (COD) concept. You have to pay once you receive first set of books at your shipping address.

How can I place request for Books?

  • After signing in, browse books which you would like to read and click on Place Hold. We will deliver you books as per it’s availability.

How Can I return books?

  • Once you are done with reading ,just place request to return it. We will collect books from your place.

Is there any due date?

  • No, because reading is a pleasure in leisure time.

How can I search Marathi Or Hindi books?

  • That’s the best part of KALIB. We have transliteration in our search section, enter data and press space to transliterate . It will change to Marathi/Hindi. To activate or deactivate, all you need to do is to just click on translator button next to search box.