Welcome to ‘KALIB’, more than a library. The days of conventional walk-in book libraries are over. No need to spend thousands of Rupees buying books, movies and games which get discarded once you are done reading the book, watching the movie and your kids have gotten bored of the games. You can now rent books, magazines movies and games at our various stores strategically located for your convenience or rent them sitting in the comfort of your home or office with a click of the mouse. It is our aim to integrate fun, learning and knowledge all under one roof.

As a part of Kalpataru Recreation Library P. Ltd.we have branches of ‘KALIB’ in Pune and Nagpur. We are a chain of new age libraries who believe in innovating and making reading a fun habit. We believe in providing our customers with a unique and enriching experience with our vast collection of entertainment material for people of all ages.

If you crave for something more than just reading books then your search for knowledge and entertainment ends here. We came upon the idea of starting this new age library when we saw that reading was fast becoming an obsolete hobby. As time goes by more and more people are forgetting the art of enjoying the company of a good book. It is our passion to introduce the habit of reading to the younger generation and to fire their imagination and transport them into the magical world of movies, books and intelligent games.

Why choose KALIB?

  • We have books ranging from fiction, non-fiction, Romance, biographies, children’s books, self-help books and many more.
  • At all our stores, we have a wide variety of CD’s and DVD’s of all genres of games for your entertainment.
  • We also have wide selection of Magazines in many languages and related to beauty, fashion, housekeeping etc.
  • Our library is stocked with children’s games which will captivate the minds of the younger generation.
  • We have an extensive selection of movies in many languages and including all genres for the movie buff in you.
  • We are unique and unlike other libraries as we provide our members a single membership card that gives them the option to access all physical libraries in our fast expanding network.
  • Members can browse through our large range of books/games/movies/magazines through the virtual library and place their order online. We process their order and deliver it at their doorstep on the next working day.
  • Members can create a wish list of all the books, movies, games and magazines they want and mail it to us on the day they become members.
  • Our fast expanding network of KALIB branches aim to provide excellent quality service to the discerning customer.
  • Our website is easy to navigate and we also provide excellent membership plans at which are quite affordable.